How to play

There are many ways to play the RE:Solver cases.

Play with friends

Grab the game as a bundle. Grab your sharpest friends. Either print out the game in advance, or play as you print. If you prefer a carbon-neutral version, you can also play the games directly from the searchable PDFs, and use the Resolverse digital companion.

Play solo

If you are more into the slow burn, or need a mental exercise, you can approach the case as a solo project. Take as much time as you need, take advantage of our tablet- and mobile-friendly solutions, and go at the case at your own pace.

Play with storyteller

Another interesting approach is to treat this as a tabletop compendium. Have one player be the assigned Game Master, and have the rest of the players play as the investigators. You can even add the case files into the TTRPG system of your choice.

Play over Zoom/Discord

This page is still being worked out. Check back soon.

Play via Live stream

This page is still being worked out. Check back soon.

Play at conventions

Much like playing with a storyteller, having a 1-2 hour challenge for a group is a great way to fill up some time at conventions or events. The game has ample space for people joining or leaving mid-game, and the package can simply rest at a table by itself, quietly inviting anyone to approach it and start playing.